Awesome Woman is a 19-year old college student who is incredibly curious about the world. 
She's particularly interested in community organizing, event planning, race politics, women's rights, literacy, feminism, theater, LGBT identities and issues, post-colonial manifestations of culture and fashion. She spends most of her time organizing several events on campus and loving people. She's plain and simple, AWESOME!

I feel like organizing can be a catalyst for activism. Like, when we’re organizing it can be for a lot of things. But for me, it could be just about community. Just like networking and having people group together. Organizing, the first thing I think of is activism but I feel like organizing can be specific to activism. When you organize, there is always a purpose that goes behind it. For like charity, but that’s not necessarily activism. So if you’re organizing to advocate, to group people together and get them aware about an issue and act on that issue, that’s the link I guess.