People’s Republic of Mars is a 21-year-old young man from Queens. He is currently finishing his final year at a private university in the city, having spent the previous year studying International Relations in London. I asked him if he had any preferred words to identify himself and he answered, “I prefer the word catalyst.”


I mean, I just like the concept of Drop Knowledge itself. And just, providing the knowledge. I just feel like, not everyone is doing that and we just – not every organization is providing the non-biased views... I mean, it’s the age of Internet so getting the right information is very important for people to get. So, I mean, if you do a non-profit, just focus on like getting the news out. Have people from different countries translate for people, and providing nonbiased accounts. I mean you can operate from New York City, but getting the right information out there means everything. Kind of like Democracy Now! They do a lot of good stuff so something similar to that.